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Traveling with friends & family? Keep all the discussions, plans, details, photos, expenses & notes in Prava.

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Keep and Cherish Your Travel Experiences with Prava

Prava frees you from juggling multiple tools for group travel such as chat app, to-do app / notepad, expense app / bills, various social media for photos, & blogs - and having to go back to them all again later for memories.

Travel Together

Build your trip together with friends by sharing discussions, itinerary, photos, expenses, locations and notes

Works Offline

No Internet? No problem! Create what you want in your trips and Prava automatically shares it with others later

Go Social

Publish shared travel photos and travel notes together as a group. Everything else remains private to your group.

Prava Offers A Wide Range Of Features For Travelers

Prava is the easiest way to record your travel experiences - offline and on the go.

a. Plan Trips

Create your trip group, chat, share booking links and build a beautiful travel itinerary (agenda).

b. Make Trips

Capture and instantly share travel photos, expenses, locations and notes of the travel with your trip group.


c. Publish Trips

Publish the shared travel photos and travel notes together as a group to your contacts and other Prava users.

d. Explore Trips

Discover trips published by your contacts and other Prava users, connect with them, get inspired and plan your next travel.

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Testimonials from Industry Experts

"Prava aims to keep everything organized and within easy reach of everybody on the trip, meaning no more juggling Google calendar invites, group chats and Venmo expenses."



"Keeping everyone in the loop on a group trip isn't easy, but Prava gives you one place to plan your travel, activities, and everything else."



"This app includes an itinerary manager much like that by Travefy, but Prava has other, more compelling features."

Conde Nast Traveler


"Prava App allows you to stay connected with your group, before and during travel. Whether you need a way to stay in touch if you get separated or want a way to instantly share travel photos, Prava has you covered!"



"Prava is an itinerary manager that offers in-app messaging, a to do list and notepad, perfect for planning group trips."

The Travel Team


"It sounds tedious, but you should definitely keep track of all your expenses on your trip. Seemingly small purchases like meals, drinks and Uber rides can add up quickly, so we recommend tracking expenses by using Prava."



"For travelling as a big ole group, a Facebook group is a good start. But a dedicated group travel planning app like Prava is worth downloading."



"Organizing trips with friends is easy with Prava travel app."



"Our favorite feature is being able to manage expenses so everyone knows what they need to pay."



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"With Prava, a unique social networking app for travellers, you can create an itinerary, places to see and other details like budget. This way all the travellers will remain in the loop on what has been planned and one doesn't have to bother calling and reminding everyone."



"Prava is the top useful app for group travel."

La Vanguardia


"Group travel is always a challenge. It is not easy to fit all the pieces and, above all, to carry the same memories together. Prava makes this as easy as possible, with a really simple and attractive interface."



"A super, easy app for sharing trip experiences."

Computer Era



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